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Curbside Pickup or Lobby Pickup

Starting June 22nd we will be taking requests for patrons to pickup library materials in the front lobby of the Kathleen Lute Public library. We are committed to providing safe access to physical library materials through a limited lobby pickup service.


  • Pick up will be Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:00 - 4:00pm

  • During this time, we can only accommodate one request per card per day for up to ten items.

  • Each library card will be limited to 10 items per scheduled pickup (5 DVD's)

  • If you had existing holds on the shelf before the library closure, you can now pick up these holds, but a total of 10 items will be allowed per card.

  • Curbside orders need to be scheduled to allow time for materials to be pulled either by the form below or call the library at 308-284-4354.

How to request materials for lobby pickup.

  • Use our website to search for items currently available.

  • Requests will be limited to ten items and must include name, phone number, email, library card number, and estimated pick up day.

  • Boxes will be in the lobby in the first front entrance.

  • Find the boxes labeled with your first name and last initial.

  • Grab your books from the box but please leave the box and enjoy!

Curbside Pickup

Please be specific, and remember, we only have what is on our shelves. Include Title, Author, Material Type (book, large print, audiobook,children's book, magazine issue date, DVD). Patrons may request a maximum of ten items per card.

You can also say something general, like "5 comedy family DVDs", five children’s picture books, "10 large print westerns" if you would like us to choose for you or even "I like the author C.J. Box".

Pickup times: Tuesdays and Friday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Please select a date to let us know when you are requesting your items to be picked up. We will either send an email or call you depending on your preference letting you know that your materials are ready to be picked up.

Select an option

Thanks for submitting!


How do I return materials?

Book return is closed but patrons can return library items in the plastic boxes inside the front doors.

Do I need a library card?

Yes, patrons must hold a library card registered with Kathleen Lute Public Library (Goodall City Library) to use lobby pickup.

What materials are available for pickup?

All physical materials currently on the shelf at a curbside pickup location are available, including books, DVDs, etc.

How will I know my hold items are ready for pickup?

You will receive an email or phone notification, based on the preference selected on your form, request, or phone call.

Can I place a hold via telephone?

Yes, please contact (308)284-4354 for assistance.

Is there a limit to the number of items that I check out using this service?

Yes. We are starting this service with a limit of ten items per card per pickup day. This ensures that we can get as many items out to as many patrons as safely possible. Over time we may up this number, but it shall only be considered if we can ensure the safety of both our librarians and our community members.

How can I put items on hold for this service?

Either use form above, email or give the library a call. Librarians will be available Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm.

Can you look for specific items or provide reading suggestions?

Yes! Fill out the form with the authors, books or movies you have liked in the past and we can take it from there! Contact for reading suggestions through facebook, email or call us at 308-284-4354.

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